Focus: What to Blog About When You Have Too Many Interests

One of the most frustrating stumbling blocks for new bloggers is the big, scary question: what do I blog about? This question can be especially paralyzing for people who have a ton of varied interests that they could potentially blog about.

My goal here on the Blogging School is to teach people how to utilize blogging as a tool to build their personal brand online. So, my advice would be to focus your blogging efforts on what you want to be known for.

Once you figure out what you want your online reputation to be, THEN you can concentrate on these two things that will develop your blog’s focus:

Share what you know.

When you write from your unique expertise and experience, it shows people that your blog is worthy of their time and attention. Do you want people to associate you with being a knowledgeable traveler? If so, spend your energy putting together informative posts packed full of traveling tips. Do you want to be known as someone who provides motivation to help people live better lives? Then focus your blog posts on sharing inspiring advice for your readers.

Blog on the same topic all the time.

Don’t be too scatterbrained on your blog. Make sure people know what your general topic area is (career, fashion, parenting, or just snapshots of your personal life) so they’ll know what to expect every time they come to your site. It can be useful to develop a blogging calendar so that you stay on track with the topics you want to post on your blog. At least one blog post a week is ideal!

Are you having trouble narrowing down what to blog about? If so, think about what you want your online reputation to be and then make sure your blog posts support that.