30 NaBloPoMo Blogging Prompts to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

NaBloPoMo November 2012

The big exciting news in the blogosphere this week is that November is National Blog Posting Month, better known as NaBloPoMo. The official blogging project is being hosted by BlogHer, the largest community of women who blog.

NaBloPoMo isn’t too complex, really. It’s simply a commitment to blog every single day during the month of November using the BlogHer prompts or simply choosing your own topics to write about instead. Speaking of blogging prompts, read on for 30 ideas I’ve put together for you to use for your own daily posts if you choose to participate in NaBloPoMo this month! These topics will help your readers get to know you, your work and your brand much better than they do now.

  1. Share your professional “aha moment.” What was the defining moment that most dramatically changed the course of your career?
  2. Talk about your personality type and how it impacts your work. Tell your readers how you score on the Myers-Briggs  personality test. For example, if you’re an INTJ, discuss the strengths within your type that you bring to your job or business.
  3. Thank your mentor. If you have a mentor – either formal or informal – share who it is and what you’ve learned from them about your career or business.
  4. What does leadership look like to you? Share your personal definition of leadership for your industry.
  5. Invite your readers to join your Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page for your blog, write a dedicated blog post so let your readers know they can  use it to engage with you.
  6. Host a contest or giveaway on your blog. Choose something that you know your readers will love – if you’re a coach, give away a half-hour session. If you have a travel blog, give away a guidebook from a popular destination like Mexico. Be creative!
  7. Write a short post in response to a reader comment. Give your commenters some positive reinforcement by responding back to one of them in a blog posts. Put their name in lights by sharing their comment with everyone!
  8. Create a “Best Books” list. Put together a list of the best books you’ve ever read that have helped you in your career, business or life.
  9. When are you at your best at work? Write a post about what contributes to your peak performance – is it coffee, waking up early, exercise? Do you work better in the morning or afternoon? Ask your readers to answer this question as well!
  10. Remind your readers to subscribe to your blog by email. Write a brief, dedicated blog post to ask readers to subscribe to your blog or newsletter. Tell them what to expect from your email list and be clear about how they can sign up.
  11. Write something controversial. Share an opinion that’s related to your niche. Tell your readers what you think about a current event or hot news story in your industry.
  12. My Former Life As a ________. Write a blog post about your previous career. What were you doing before the work you do now?
  13. Teach your readers how to do something. Write a simple “how-to” post to show your readers how to do something useful and they will keep coming back for more of your wisdom.
  14. 5 Reasons Why I Love_______ More Than ______.  Do you like Starbucks more than Caribou? Macs more than PCs? Tea more than coffee? Share your passion for one thing over the other and see if your readers agree or disagree with you.
  15. Your Biggest Mistake. Tell your readers a story about the biggest mistake you’ve made so far in your career or business. Add humor or drama for extra brownie points!
  16. 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About ___________. Write an informative yet revealing list of facts about your topic, field or industry. What are some things that people may not know that you have insider info on?
  17. Make a video introduction for your blog. Use a video camera, a Flip Cam, a digital camera, webcam or even your cell phone to record a short intro post about yourself. Upload the video file to your computer, put it on YouTube or Vimeo, then post it on your blog!
  18. The Complete Guide to _____________. Take a topic that would interest your readers and provide as much information as you can about it, organized in easy-to-read sections.
  19. 3 Ways to Change _______________ (insert name of your community, industry or niche here). Offer your honest perspective about what would make your community, industry or niche better going forward.
  20. The Most Important Lesson I Learned From_______. Share your biggest lesson so far in your career or business. What have you learned so far from your colleagues, staff or customers?
  21. How I Found My Passion for _______. Tell your readers the story of how you discovered what you really love to do. Be honest and really let them see what your experiences have been along the way.
  22. What’s your dream job? If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would you rather be doing instead? Be open to sharing something fun like being a cooking show host or diving instructor!
  23. Write about your latest accomplishment. Tell your readers what you are working on right now so they can see how you’re rocking your career. What has been accomplished so far? What are you learning from the experience?
  24. If you knew you couldn’t fail. Without the fear of failure, what big idea would you implement to improve your career, business, community or just your life in general?
  25. What’s your favorite place to work? Where do you do your best work? Do you concentrate better in coffee shops or cubicles? Tell your readers about your preferences and invite them to share their own.
  26. Host a one-day only sale on your blog. Readers love discounts! If you sell products or services on your blog, offer a one-day only sale of at least 20% off. It may prompt long-time lurkers to finally buy from you.
  27. Interview yourself. What questions do you wish someone would ask you about your background, your work and your passions? Write up a mock interview with yourself that showcases your professional talents and interests.
  28. Ask your readers for advice. Have a decision to make? Thinking about changing up the format/theme/topic of your blog? Write a blog posts asking your readers to weigh in!
  29. Where are you from? Write a post about your hometown and how your upbringing has impacted your life and career.
  30. Organize an in-person meetup for your blog readers. Write a blog post to invite your readers in your city to join you for coffee or cocktails on a particular day or evening. Choose the location and ask folks to RSVP so you know how many to expect. Have fun!
Will you be participating in NaBloPoMo for November? If so, let me know in the comments so I can follow your posts!